Mari ka is an artist that stands out for her peculiar sound and her exotic beauty.
Thanks to these assets she managed to emerge in the House music scene as one of the coolest artist.
Born in Italy, Mari Ka grew up listening at home black music: Soul, R&B, hip-hop , influenced too by her cousine dj and prodcuer of Reggae music (only in vynils) and hip-hop. Later when she had her first piano lessons and she learned to read the notes she fell definitively in love with the music. Nature has given her a gift, her black voice, that many Djs and producers used for featuring in many tracks. Here, the step from the recording studios back to the decks was short. She start her carrier in Sicily, where she born and she grow up. After she moved in Milan where after working as model for 10 years for the best international fashion brands, she could use her good relations and play music for the most important after-party of the Fashion-Week in All the world, Paris, London, Milan,etc.
Now she is very known in Italy but she played also around All Europe,Turkey,UAE.
When she plays, she crosses different genres of house, from deep to tech-house to techno.
Her music skills will capture all your senses.
So let yourself be carried away by all your senses, from sight to hearing!